Buying & Selling Tips

Whether you're in the market to buy or sell, I am committed to working with you through every step of the process.

Buy a Home

Family PorchLet's make sure you get the home you’ll love for years to come.  Your home is where you build your life and it's also an investment.  I'd like to offer you the vision to see a property's potential because for so many of us, our homes are the single biggest investment we ever make.


The Steps to Buying a Home in This Market:

  • Step 1: Hire a Real Estate Broker - I will have your best interests in mind through the entire process
  • Step 2: Preapproval from a Lender - and make that a good lender - Seller's want to feel sure you'll get your loan  
  • Step 3: Preview Homes - We'll head out together, it's really important to discuss what you are looking for in a home
  • Step 4: Pre-inspection/Inspection of Property - When you have found a place you really like you'll want to make sure it's solid
  • Step 5: Make an Offer - It's not just about the money, it's about details, I will assist you to make the strongest offer possible
  • Step 6: Negotiate with Seller - Here's where I can really shine. Believe it or not, it's often not the most money that wins
  • Step 7: Contract Accepted - Hooray!! They like your offer: I'll keep an eye on timelines and communicate with seller
  • Step 8: Appraisal for Financing - Your lender needs to be sure the property is valued around the sales price
  • Step 9: Underwriter Approval - You loan has been approved, now it's time to sign at escrow! :-)
  • Step 10: Closing and Possession - The documents are sent to King County for recording and...  It's your house!! 


Sell a Home

Wre SignThere are many reasons to sell a house. We downsize, we relocate, we need more space, we suddenly became the Brady Bunch, we may want to realize that big investment from years ago.

When you make the decision to sell your home, the goal is to get the best price with the most favorable terms.  I'll help you get your place ready for the market, set appropriate pricing and create effective marketing - all making it as attractive as possible to buyers. The goal is to get you the price you are happy with; I will provide expert representation and support every step of the way.


The Steps to Selling a Home:

  • Step 1: Research the market - Let's talk about the current market so you can set the best price
  • Step 2: Prepare your home - We will prioritize a list of tasks to make your house shine!
  • Step 3: Timing - Find the best window possible to put your house on the market. A week can make a difference!
  • Step 4: Get the word out - I'll provide exposure to more buyers and agents through extensive marketing outreach
  • Step 5: List it - Ok your house is for sale and everybody knows it!
  • Step 6: Open house - People want to see it in person - make sure there is a guided presentation of this great property
  • Step 7: Offer review - Our work is paying off, let's see what any buyers are willing to offer for the house!
  • Step 8: It's about the details - Is the potential buyer's financing solid? What contingencies are there in the offer?
  • Step 9: Counter and Negotiate: Here's where we get the best terms possible for your sale
  • Step 10: Contract Accepted - We have a deal! Now let's make sure it sticks
  • Step 11: Pending - Here's where we help the appraisal go smoothly and keep an eye on the buyer's loan process.
  • Step 12: Closing and Payoff - Hooray!! My goal is that it was a secure, well informed and highly profitable sale for you!